Hunter Clarke-Fields


"Bedtimes in our house used to be the grand finale of all the power struggles. Now bedtime is relaxed and enjoyable!"  


"Our relationship is much better than it ever was. For the first time since I became a mom I enjoy motherhood!"  


Want less yelling & more cooperation at home?

I see you, mama (and papa!): you have piles of books by your bedside, you're smart and compassionate, but parenting your children is driving you bonkers!

You want to be the best parent you can be: grounded, calm and present...but you may find yourself feeling constantly distracted and irritable. Can't they just listen??

Why is it so hard?

It may be because...

  • You're repeating patterns from your own upbringing
  • You don't have a clear system
  • It feels there's never enough time
  • You put yourself last, putting even your labradoodle's needs first.

I hear you. Life as a parent is hard with baffling behavior problems and intensely frustrating moments. You get triggered by old issues you don't even know you have!

Rather than the inner harshness, you can develop the kind compassionate of self-talk that makes everything possible.

With Mindful Parenting Coaching with Hunter, parenting gets EASIER and EASIER as time goes on (rather than escalating threats & disconnection)

"We really appreciated the opportunity to learn new strategies and new tactics with you. It’s really improved our parenting abilities. The accountability was the biggest thing.”

- Andi

Now my daughter has had fewer tantrums than other kids her age. Now I realize I know I can only create calm in others if I create it in myself first.” 

- Kateri


Imagine... being your AUTHENTIC loving self with your kids instead of yelling.  

Imagine... NEITHER of you ever having to be “The Enforcer” or “Bad Cop.”
NO MORE threatening or manipulating just to get shoes on.  

Imagine... your child getting ready for bed because they care about you, NOT just to avoid the naughty seat. 

Imagine... creating EFFECTIVE boundaries and raising kids who care about how their actions affect you.

Imagine... your children solving their OWN problems, so you don’t feel like it’s your job to fix everything... All. The. Time.  

Imagine...your child LISTENING to you when you make requests and no longer being on opposite sides of a "battle."

I'm here to let you know that IT'S POSSIBLE.

That's why I'm here: to walk WITH you on this journey, hold your hand, hold you accountable, and cheer you on.

"Hunter's insight is invaluable.Your life, your sanity and your sense of self is absolutely worth it."  

-Dena Farash

“I’m a lot more mindful now. It feels like I can actually live and not just function.” 

- Katrin Hill

Hello! I'm Hunter Clarke-Fields

I will help you transform harmful generational patterns and set a healthier, more loving paradigm.  

For the past 20 years, I’ve successfully helped thousands of stressed-out moms and dads learn how to develop mindful parenting skills and create peaceful, loving homes. I’m the creator of Mindful Parenting, author of the international bestseller, Raising Good Humans, host the Mindful Parenting Podcast, and I'm ready to help you get the momentum you need with your calling.

But I’m not perfect. I was just like you. When my oldest was little, my temper was triggered every day. Her screaming would push me to the limit and I'd burst. Later I'd be in a puddle of tears, wracked with guilt. As a mom, I felt like I was failing at the most important job of my life. 

You can also use your own challenges as compost for positive transformation and motivation to propel you forward.

What Clients Have Said:

More Coaching Testimonials:

"Hunter is extremely generous and empathic. She creates a safe and loving space to gently explore your stresses and coping mechanisms, and she offers up suggestions that are deceptively simple, immediately actionable, and truly transformative.

I can't recommend Hunter's work enough if you are looking for simple, effective ways to calm the churn of your crazy life as a mom and find your own oasis of peace in the midst of all of it."

-Amy Simpkins

"These three months have re-grounded me, and have kindled the light inside me so that I can shine in all the areas of my life - mom, wife, professionally, and personally (for myself). This coaching helped me to name things that were holding me back, and the suggestions Hunter made were always helpful.

Making the leap to do this coaching was the first time I have allowed myself to work on me in a way that taught me how to prioritize my needs and feelings without feeling guilty. And through the practices Hunter advised, I really feel I have come through to the "other side," feeling a deeper sense of balance and connection, while at the same time feeling more free/ lighter/ heart-forward."

-Karena Valentine

"I had an awesome experience. I was able to make a huge decision for myself when I came to work and really since you helped guide me to that decision, I have just been able to have more faith in myself and the process and work towards what I feel like will bring me more fulfilment in my life.  

The parenting work had been tremendous. Hunter really is a treasure trove of information when it comes to the behavior of children. It has been really helpful for me to examine myself as a parent and learn and grow from it.  

Hunter's insight is invaluable, and to have a non-judgmental sounding board is tremendous. There are no coincidences. Your life, your sanity and your sense of self is absolutely worth it."  

-Dena Farash

"I was feeling stuck when I came to Hunter. She helped set me on my way to clear emotional clutter, get focused and move forward in a positive way. I feel like I have direction again. Hunter is a kind gentle soul who doesn't seem to have an ounce of judgment in her. Invest in yourself and see what happens. It's good to have a guide in this journey. Now I am being so crazy productive this morning it almost scares me (seriously).

Thanks for helping make the mindset shifts necessary for today to happen!"

—Carolyn Anderson-Fermann

"Coaching with Hunter has has helped me step away from negative judgement. I'm much more present when I communicate with my son. I realize each moment is an opportunity to connect from the heart, even when it feels emotionally charged.

I'm so grateful to Hunter for her patience, calm and insight. Hunter's spirit and guidance has really been a huge blessing for me this year.

Hunter is amazing for shining the light on what is possible. She listens attentively, comforts with compassion and is keen at helping you focus on achievable steps. I highly recommend Hunter if you want to make positive life changes!"

—Dawn Teufel

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"This made me a better person because I know where my reactivity comes from and how to handle it.  My reactivity is so slow now (I don't go from 1-100 anymore). Now I meditate daily, which is like magic—thank you for introducing me to it.

Best of all, now my relationship with my daughter is amazing.

- Tracy

"I’m not really that good at sharing my feelings or emotions, but Mindful Parenting helps me to do that now, in a way that I’m more present in the moment and aware of what’s going on with my son and my wife at the same time. It helps me to just communicate that better.

Now I’m not quick to react when something does occur.”

- Antwain

I look forward to working with you!