Stop yelling AND have your child listen too?

You're in the right place.

"Our relationship is much better than it ever was. For the first time since I became a mom I enjoy motherhood!" —Elica

“Now bedtime is relaxed and enjoyable!" —Kathryn

Remember when you swore you’d never be that screaming, crabby parent?

Yet how many times have you found yourself… 

  • SHOUTING when your child won’t take a bath or get out the door... 
  • Feeling like WORLDS WORST PARENT in the supermarket, where your once adorable toddler is in full-on Medusa meltdown—and everyone can see you... 
  • Sounding JUST LIKE your angry dad? Or like "those parents" you used to judge before you had kids and "swore" you'd never do that? 
  • Frustrated with constant BACKTALK from your child, and DESPERATE to get them to listen.
  • Scolding, criticizing, THREATENING, and yelling at your kids—then feeling guilty later?
  • Knowing you can DO BETTER (but you don’t want to be too easy and end up with spoiled kids).  


HERE'S WHY: We are at our worst in the parenting department when we’re frustrated and freaking out. But it’s a natural evolutionary instinct.  

None of us would be here if cave people had paused to “recenter” before saving their children from a saber-toothed tiger. Humans needed quick reactivity.  

Unfortunately, this biological reaction turns us into “Scary Mommy.”  

There’s an EASIER way to calm your temper and get your kids to listen —that ACTUALLY feels good for you BOTH... 

Mindful Parenting is the complete system that takes you from Scary Mommy to random I love yous.

Family relationships ARE NOT something we can put off until later.

Join hundreds of other families in Mindful Parenting:

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“Mindful Parenting showed me how to be the person I want to be. And gave me the tools to do that! I don't see why anybody would not do this!” —Tiffany Pereirra

You want to be that patient, calm parent...but you’re afraid of being walked all over.

You want kids who respect you and worry that being strict and hard might be the only way.  

Maybe your mother tells you, “Kids need strong discipline.”

Your friend says, just count “1, 2, 3.”

Meanwhile your neighbor says, “Love is all they need.” (But her 5-year old wacks your dog.)  

So far, no one’s given you the answer. Until now.  

Mindful Parenting is a transformational program that not only teaches you how to parent with heart, but offers you personal guidance.

A lot of other parenting coaches talk about the best ways to respond to your child.


They DON'T walk you through the research-proven practices that it REALLY takes to create changes that actually last. 


The best part is that as you do, parenting gets EASIER and EASIER as time goes on. 

Imagine... being your TRUE loving self with your kids instead of yelling.  

Imagine... NEITHER of you ever having to be “The Enforcer” or “Bad Cop.”
NO MORE threatening or manipulating just to get shoes on.  

Imagine... your child getting ready for bed because they care about you, NOT just to avoid the naughty seat. 

Imagine... creating EFFECTIVE boundaries and raising kids who care about how their actions affect you.

Imagine... your children solving their OWN problems, so you don’t feel like it’s your job to fix everything... All. The. Time.  

Imagine...your child LISTENING to you when you make requests and no longer being on opposite sides of a "battle."

I'm here to let you know that IT'S POSSIBLE.

Mindful Parenting teaches you the specific steps to create calm, cooperative relationships for life.

Stay CALM, even if you find yourself shouting hourly now

Be PRESENT for your child no matter what they're going through

RESOLVE conflicts easily, without yelling and taking away the iPad

Set LIMITS without your child resenting you for days afterward

Build TRUST between you and your child so that you avoid misery in the teen years



  • 8 modules that cover every single thing you need to know about Mindful Parenting, and how to put it into action with your kids.
  • 29 video and audio lessons walking you through step-by-step.
  • One-on-one coaching session Schedule at a time that's convenient to you!
  • A comprehensive workbook that guides you every step of the way during the process.
  • Weekly drop-in coaching sessions—with Hunter Clarke-Fields and certified Mindful Parenting teachers
  • 24/7 support and accountability with the Mindful Parenting Community.
  • (PLUS thousands of dollars worth of BONUSES! More on this further down...)

The Mindful Parenting Modules:



Every Member Gets 1-on-1 Coaching

We know that personalized support is the BEST way to grow and learn. That's why every Mindful Parenting member a 1-on-1 coaching session that you can schedule at your convenience.


What member have said about group coaching.

As a member, you count on the highest quality, LIVE coaching no matter what age or stage your child is in. We offer 36 hours of group coaching every year...for a lifetime!




The Stop Yelling Formula [VALUE $300]

Five simple steps targeted to stop you yelling… for good. Use strategies proven by brain scientists to retrain the brain to a new response.

Persuade Your Partner Course [VALUE $500]

Learn the ten laws of persuasion that will help you get your partner on board with your parenting values without fighting.

Simplify Your Schedule with Cailen Ascher [VALUE $500]

Is overwhelm derailing you? Long for a feel-good schedule that honors your time, lifestyle and family? Inside this mini-course, 3-day workweek coach Cailen Ascher shares her exact process for Simplifying Your Schedule so that you can finally have the life you want!

The Stop Whining Formula [VALUE $200]

No more whining! Finally find out the proven communication strategy to authentically stop your child from whining. 

The Daily Practice [VALUE $500]

The complete immersion into creating your own yoga and mindfulness daily practice. A 28-day start into a lifelong nourishing self-care practice for busy parents. 

Mindful Parenting Unstoppable Success Program [VALUE $1000]

In this new program, we not only have weekly accountability checks, but we’ve also “gamified” the Mindful Parenting modules so you’ll unlock new bonuses (yay!) for each module completed.

Mindful Parenting will give you everything you need to enjoy more cooperation, snuggles, and laughter at home.

EVEN if you’ve been shouting at your kids every day to get out the door

EVEN if you have STRUGGLED to remember that better response on your own

EVEN if you’ve tried mindfulness before and couldn’t stick with it

EVEN if you’re a single parent or have an ADHD child

EVEN if your partner believes in "spare the rod, spoil the child"


...and a LOT of support along the way

Let me ask you a question…

Do you want to STOP being the scary mommy you swore you’d never be… and STILL have kids who listen to you?

The steps in Mindful Parenting help you stop all the yelling and get your child to listen to you WITHOUT taking away every device. 


...TIRED of listening to your grandmother telling you “Kids need strong discipline,” or your friend saying just count “One, two, three.”

...SICK of shouting at your child, who you vowed things would be better for

...and DESPERATE for a system to teach you exactly what to say to get your kids to listen

…then Mindful Parenting is PERFECT for you.


"Now my daughter has had fewer tantrums than other kids her age. Now I realize I know I can only create calm in others if I create it in myself first.

Mindful Parenting is the best opportunity to give you the tools to help your kids become the best people that they can be."


“Bedtimes in our house used to be the grand finale of all the power struggles. My son was tired and cranky and I was exhausted and frustrated from the day’s parenting battles.

Since joining Mindful Parenting, we’ve built a better connection and our days are filled with mostly teamwork, open communication, and naming our feelings and the reactivity is decreasing on both ends. Now, the evening routine is mostly relaxed and enjoyable!”

—Kathryn Toole

“I am a husband that has witnessed the transformation of Mindful Parenting. It not only changed her approach but also mine.

I could see that building connection with our children really does produce cooperation (even in our 5-year-old boy).

I thanked my wife for sticking with the approach of mindful parenting even amongst my doubts/questions. Connecting with your children is a beautiful thing which builds cooperation starting at an early age but lasts for a lifetime.”   

—Wilhelm Greenwood  

“I joined Mindful Parenting because I was still struggling to use the tools I wanted to use. I’m a child psychologist by training, so I have a lot of professional knowledge about how to work with kids. I’ve done a lot of training, and a lot of reading. I knew the tools I wanted to use, but wasn’t able to access them.

The focus on mindfulness was the missing piece for me. It has helped me not yell as much, be more present with my kids, be the parent that I want to be.

The accountability piece is a huge thing! You can read a book and like what you learn about, but actually being able to implement it and get the feedback and support from others. To hear from other families that you’re going through the same thing, that you’re not alone, that you’re having similar experiences, and learn from them as well. Having those coaching calls was a huge piece that’s really helpful. The ongoing community on the FB group and having those weekly intentions—all are useful in moving you forward and keeping you connected.

Do it, absolutely. With my professional background, I know the value of being a mindful parent, being present and aware with your kids and how it supports resilience. As a parent myself I know how important it is to make this experience more than just trying to survive the day.”



Mindful Parenting is designed for smart, thoughtful parents who want an EFFECTIVE, research-based, COMPASSIONATE system for raising kind, confident kids. 

Our students include:

Social workers & Therapists
Single parents
Research scientists
Parents of ADHD kids
Yoga teachers
Financial consultants
Public School Teachers

...and more!


But MORE importantly, you'll be living in a family that FEELS GOOD.

Here's what a "feel good" family looks like:

After just the first week, you’ll know how to calm down when peas are suddenly unacceptable and your child shoves away the plate. 

And before you know it, your friends will be gawking at your cooperative kids and asking, “WHAT is your secret?”  

You'll feel confident, connected and a deep sense of CALM knowing that you are on the right track.


Just because you love your child doesn’t mean that you have the tools to turn around your temper and respond well consistently.

Hoping you’ll respond differently is NOT a strategy. 

Members have stopped losing their sh*t and now have kids that listen to them, with parenting getting easier month after month…


They signed up because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED. They SUFFERED through years of irritability, stress, and frustration because they DIDN’T have a step-by-step system to follow.

You have two choices…


Keep wasting time, staying scattered and stressed, trying to "figure it out on your own.”


Implement the exact steps that have worked for me and HUNDREDS of others… and start feeling calm, confident, and enjoy willing cooperation. 

Mindful Parenting includes the PROVEN strategies that have transformed hundreds of families—allowing them to create real COOPERATION, build TRUST, and enjoy more harmonious families.


In 60 days you can have:

  • More snuggles and hugs
  • Fewer battles and more cooperation
  • Less irritability and more ease
  • And WAY less stress in your life join us NOW.

"Before Mindful Parenting, my daughter and I were constantly yelling at each other. I did not know what to do to bring her closer. My biggest “a-ha moment” was that I needed to take care of myself. 

I am so much calmer, more curious, and even creative. I have more energy and I’m much kinder, not only with my daughter, but people around me as well-friends, patients, strangers. Hunter helped me get my daughter back and our relationship is much better that it ever was. I finally feel my true self. For the first time since I became mom, I enjoy motherhood and the wonderful human being that my daughter is and know together we will create a better world.”

— Elica 

Definitely join! I really appreciated how Hunter responded to almost every single Facebook post. Other programs I've done have not been so personal. Because of Mindful Parenting I yell less, I meditate for longer durations each day and I am using more skillful communication.”


"We really appreciated the opportunity to learn new strategies and new tactics with you. I think it’s really improved our parenting abilities. The accountability was the biggest thing. To have the ability to talk about these issues directly just makes it that much more effective.”


"Hunter's Mindful Parenting is life changing! She provides practical tools and strategies to incorporate into our daily lives that nurture and promote calmness, gratitude and long-term happiness. Her lessons remind us to appreciate ourselves, something very often overlooked! 

I'm now better able to understand why my kids are acting a certain way, and how my actions can either diffuse or ignite a situation. I've noticed that when I don't practice some of her strategies, I tend to be less calm and more irritable. Mindful Parenting has truly made a positive impact on my life and my relationships with my children and my husband.


"Before Mindful Parenting I felt most of my interactions with my kids was giving them orders and I felt more like a commander than a mother.

I not only learned awareness skills, but I got to practice them in realtime. I began to notice when my mind was future-focused and racing to the next task on my to-do list, which was causing a disruption because I was the one interrupting what my kids were doing.

Now I realize the ticket to the universe begins with the breath. "When I do less, I do better." 


“When I found Mindful Parenting I was angry and yelling a lot.

Now I am breathing instead of yelling. I’m sharing how I feel instead of blaming or ordering. I’m finding time to listen and be present instead of getting angry. I’m telling all my friends who are mothers about this!”


"Skillful communication is so needed nowadays, and I agree it starts at home. Awareness is honestly the key to many changes. Skillful expression worked for our problems at bedtime. He was willing to see what I am feeling and cooperate. Now I understand more about the habits and patterns we inherit, and how to help break the patterns."


“Mindful parenting taught me how to respect my children for who they are. Now time for myself is non-negotiable, and we all get our needs met. If you’re considering joining, do it! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my family.”  


“Before joining, I was yelling and threatening my daughter to get her to do what she needed to do. I felt horrible and it didn't work. Now I realize it's my reaction, not her behavior that is the problem and I am able to catch myself before falling into old patterns. I am also taking better care of myself now too, and feel like I deserve it. Mindful Parenting was extremely helpful!  


I'm a mom who has the vision and how she’d like to be but my daily life seems to be very contrary to that. The mom I was being, was not the mom I wanted to be.  

I took a lot of things away from Mindful Parenting but one of my biggest takeaways was the component we did on listening. I always thought I was a really good listener but once Hunter broke it down, I truly analyzed my responses to my child. I saw that I actually was a really terrible listener and I had no idea.  

I don't see why anybody would not do this! In fact, I want my husband to do it! I obtained so much more self-awareness and knowledge to help me in life in general, in my relationship with my husband and with other people; this gave me a really good grounding in how to be more of the person I want to be. And gave me the tools to do that! I really cannot speak more highly of it! ” 




Your Investment: $350 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Cancel membership anytime. Rejoin anytime!


Your Investment: $997 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Lifetime membership through every age and stage!

*A percentage of each sale lets us offer Mindful Parenting programs for parents in low-income and underserved communities.


“I should be able to do this on my own…


After years of just hoping that my temper would go away, I unlocked the best research-based method for calming your temper AND the communication strategies to get my children to listen. all starts with YOU.

You won’t BELIEVE just how quickly you’ll get results.

“It's really calming and useful to know that there's a structured framework with tools that we have available.

The coaching calls really help to see that you're not alone with your problems, that other people have similar problems. It's nice to see that the tools work for them. You get a chance to bring up issues that have come up. It's really good to have some feedback on how to handle things."

—Daniel and Kathryn

"This made me a better person because I know where my reactivity comes from and how to handle it.  My reactivity is so slow now (I don't go from 1-100 anymore). Now I meditate daily, which is like magic—thank you for introducing me to it.

Best of all, now my relationship with my daughter is amazing. She loved how happy I was after taking your course and she felt loved by me.

  I tell people about Mindful Parenting often. Mindful Parenting gives us insight into ourselves that they might not realize. It gives a little bit of peace in this wild ride of parenting.

Thank you for always being there for us!!"


"I’m not really that good at sharing my feelings or emotions, but Mindful Parenting helps me to do that now, in a way that I’m more present in the moment and aware of what’s going on with my son and my wife at the same time. It helps me to just communicate that better.

Now I’m not quick to react when something does occur.”


“It’s definitely worth the time and money and truly eye-opening. I received such effective tools and valuable information. A great community to be a part of. And it works!

—Kelley Jo 

"Hunter really embodies unconditional love and compassion for the parents! She knows there is not just one way to act (while holding her knowledge of what is shown to work in decreasing suffering), and that each families needs and situations are different."

—Valerie Rose

Before Mindful Parenting, I was yelling at my child and feeling guilty. Now, I remember to slow down and be mindful in the moment. Everyone should take this, even if they’re not a parent. It is foundational relationship effectiveness training.


"Before I joined, I was over-reactive to my children's behavior, overwhelmed, and losing my temper quickly. 

My biggest “aha” from Mindful Parenting is how to express myself effectively and how to be more mindful through the day. Now I meditate and do a gratitude journal daily, I've found an anchor that helps me pause in the moment, and I am using "I messages" more consistently.  

Mindful Parenting allows us space to both work on ourselves as a person and as a parent."



Results like these are only possible for members enrolled in Mindful Parenting. You simply won't get results like these "trying to figure it out" on your own.

Transforming old patterns and learning a new language of cooperation is HARD. My students and I have been EXACTLY where you are right now and have made it to the other side, so DO NOT waste time trying to re-invent the wheel.

Mindful Parenting will teach you exactly how to stop losing it, get your child to listen, and solve problems mindfully...and I'll be helping you every step of the way.

"Before Mindful Parenting I was struggling with anger management towards my kids and how to remain calm and present.

Now, I am less reactive and more responsive. It has helped me to see things differently especially when my kids are having a meltdown. We figure out together how to resolve those feelings. Now I am more compassionate to myself and therefore to my children.

I have learned so much about mindfulness practice and how to be more present with such extensive resources to help me to be a better parent.


“It was my old habits [that made me join Mindful Parenting]. I want to fill my son with the art of love, good parenting, and understanding. I’ve realized that a lot of the tools help us [she and her husband] understand each other better. So not only it helped what we want to do with our child, but it also helped each other as well.

I would definitely recommend Mindful Parenting because it will put your mind at ease at so many levels. I’m big on science, so a lot of the research-based stuff helps you know why. Definitely go for it!”


This is well worth your time. It helped me to know that I am enough and I can be more present with my family when I take time for me. It also gave me great communication skills so I could connect with my kids more calmly and respectfully.


I have read lots of books in the past but the program was more helpful; having lesson plans, something new to work on every week, listening to the audio and realizing we all have similar experiences, using the meditation practices and minimal yoga practice spontaneously. It's a wonderful and valuable experience."


In 60 days you can have greater calm and groundedness, fewer battles and more cooperation, less irritability and more ease, and WAY less stress in your life choose your option NOW.


Your Investment: $350 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Cancel membership anytime. Rejoin anytime!


Your Investment: $997 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Lifetime membership through every age and stage!

*A percentage of each sale lets us offer Mindful Parenting programs for parents in low-income and underserved communities.

When my oldest was little, my temper was triggered every day. Her screaming would push me to the limit and I'd burst. Later I'd be in a puddle of tears, wracked with guilt. 

I felt like I was failing at the most important job of my life.  

Parenting books had great advice that I couldn’t implement when I was at my boiling point.  

I dug into mindfulness, which helped me chill out. But it DIDN'T help me find the right words to say to get through to my child—without making everything worse. She resisted my language and, KABOOM! We were both in tears again. 

Ultimately I realized that one without the other was NOT ENOUGH. The “right” words to say were useless without the inner transformation from mindfulness and self-compassion. 

We can’t JUST change on the surface, it has to be an INSIDE-OUT transformation. 

A lot has changed since then. 

Since I figured out the inside-out work needed, my family life has completely transformed—a complete 180 degree turnaround

I was able to calm my temper, create CLOSE relationships with my kids, and speak so that they cooperate with me WITHOUT threatening to take away their stuff.

I'm so glad I made the right decision about the most important thing in my life.

"I used to have so much frustration with my little ones and their big feelings. I didn’t know how to discipline them, and didn’t want to yell. In Mindful Parenting, I learned that I cannot give what I do not have and that was huge!"


I joined because as much as I tried to be a calm mother I still was having a lot of those days and moments, where I was lashing out. A large part of the value is connecting with other women and moms, knowing that you're not alone with, and everyone is dealing with, some version of what you're dealing with! And I felt there was a lot of personal support on our calls from Hunter.  

I personally felt like I got a lot of good wisdom to try --in daily challenges with my daughter, on how to keep the connection while still getting both of our needs met-- and that was really helpful. Both the community and the personal guidance from Hunter made me feel made me feel like I could do things within the group I couldn't do on my own.


"Since Mindful Parenting we have a big decrease in outbursts, better bonding with my children, and improved communication with all 3 of my children. I now realize that our children watch everything we do, and if we are stressed they will be too.  Children pick up on the emotions we have and we need to be more cognizant of this because it can hugely impact their behavior.

This has been life-altering that has majorly impacted me as a parent, wife, and woman."


"It's changing my life! "


In 60 days you can have fewer battles and more cooperation, less irritability and more ease, and WAY less stress in your life make your choice NOW.


Your Investment: $350 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Cancel membership anytime. Rejoin anytime!


Your Investment: $997 today


  • LIFETIME access to 8 Mindful Parenting core modules, with 29 video or audio lessons
  • Exclusive 117-page workbook
  • 1-on-1 Coaching session
  • Membership includes: Drop-In Coaching, Members-Only FB Community, and 6 powerful Bonus programs
  • Lifetime membership through every age and stage!

*A percentage of each sale lets us offer Mindful Parenting programs for parents in low-income and underserved communities.

Look, I'm a busy mom, wife, author, and Mindful Parenting teacher. In 2008 was a SAHM, yelling, frustrated, no time, none of my own money. My husband had no interest in learning about newer ways of parenting.

I drove myself crazy trying to respond in better ways (without first doing the deeper work), and just ended up thinking I was a failure.

In 2010, determined to make a change, I invested time and $$ into various coaching, trainings, and modalities. I'm a certified Mindfulness Meditation instructor and a certified Parent Effectiveness Trainer. I learned everything I could about mindfulness and skillful communication. I distilled the very best of everything into a simple 5 Step Mindful Parenting Method.

I created Mindful Parenting because I saw too many parents doing the same thing I had been doing, also feeling like a failures.

This is not "just a parenting course." This comprehensive system will completely transform your family and all your relationships—including the one with yourself. More peace. More ease. More cooperation.

I've seen the powerful transformation Mindful Parenting has had on hundreds of members' lives... YOU'RE NEXT.


With warmth & lovingkindness,

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do dads do this program too?

A. YES! Scroll down to check out what dads Antwain and Andy have said about the program. And your parenting partner can join for free so that you have a clear system, community, and support for every age and stage.

Q. I feel crushed for time as it is. Will I be able to fit the lessons and the practices in my day?

A. Each lesson is designed for a busy parent to take in. They are all less than 30 minutes, with many closer to 10 minutes. Each lesson is in video or audio format, so you can fit it into your day. The mindfulness practice is designed to be small enough to fit into a busy mom's day. Ten minutes of your time is all it takes to get the amazing benefits!

Plus, you have all the modules for a LIFETIME! So you can take your time, knowing that the lessons are here for you.

Q. What is the difference between the Mindful Parenting Course and the rest of the Membership?

A. When you purchase today at any level, you get LIFETIME access to the Mindful Parenting Course with every workbook update, so if you are a lone wolf, rock on! You've got everything you need. You also get a 1-on-1 coaching session too!

However, as an ongoing monthly or lifetime MEMBER, you get access to:

  • Weekly drop-in COACHING to answer all your questions
  • Access to the Members-Only Online Community
  • The Stop Yelling Formula
  • Kids Calm Bundle
  • The Daily Practice - home yoga and mindfulness program
  • Simplify Your Schedule course
  • Persuade Your Partner course
  • The Daily Dose - simple 5-minute meditation program
  • 50 Mindful Parenting Affirmations
  • Yogamama Home Practice videos

Q. Can I rejoin the Membership if I leave the Monthly option?

Yes! You can rejoin for the membership monthly fee cost at any time after your initial purchase.

Q. Can't I just read your book?

A. The book does cover many of the same concepts as the course. But let's step back a moment. Parenting is H.A.R.D... much harder than we thought it was going to be. But for some reason, when it comes to parenting, we think we should just instinctively know everything.Then we don’t get the help we need (even though we get help for tennis, languages, childbirth and just about everything else!).

Here are differences between free parenting advice, getting a book, and investing in Mindful Parenting:

FREE: When things are free, there is way TOO MUCH information. There is conflicting advice. We do not have a clear system. We have ZERO support. We have ZERO accountability. We have ZERO supportive community. Free = struggle and stress.

INEXPENSIVE: What about books? Books are great. I wrote a book! But with a stack of books we can still suffer from too much information.There is zero accountability. There is zero personal coaching (go ahead and try to ask your personal question to the book!). There is zero community to support you. Still a lot of struggle and stress.

MINDFUL PARENTING: The people I help the MOST are those who join the Mindful Parenting community—making an investment in their families. They have a clear system to follow. They have accountability. Members can ask their personal questions three times a month. They have a community of hundreds of like-minded families to support them. They have invested in change and that fuels their success.

If the changes are important to you, then you should know that research shows that we learn best not just by reading content, but with active coaching and in the context of a supportive community. Those who make the biggest transformation get support.

Q. Is your book, Raising Good Humans, included in the membership?

Raising Good Humans, the "textbook" for Mindful Parenting, is sold separately by the publisher, New Harbinger Publications. You can find it everywhere that books are sold.

Q. How many hours per day would I need to set aside for the training?

A. We recommend that you set aside a five to fifteen minutes each day for your mindfulness practices, and an hour a week for the course and the workbook.

Q. I have a young toddler. Will the skills of Mindful Parenting apply? 

A. Yes! The communication skills taught in Mindful Parenting are actually universal, and apply to every relationship you have. You might be surprised to find that the same skills you use in toddler language apply with your adult relationships.

Q. What if my husband has a (really) different parenting style?

A. Parents don’t have to be clones of each other to raise great kids. You and your partner can agree to be different. When parents agree that it’s okay to be different, and they don’t fall into the trap of undermining or complaining about each other, their children have a powerful opportunity to learn how to get along with different types of people. 

That said, many partners start to shift when they see the kind of results that their spouse is getting. They often ask what you are doing differently.

PLUS, in the membership we have a BONUS "Persuade Your Partner" mini-course that teaches you ten principles to skillfully and ethically persuade your partner to your point of view ;-).

Q. I don't have any experience with meditation and worry that it's kind of "out there" and I won't have time.

A. Mindfulness meditation is a widely-researched method of training the mind to have less anxiety, less depression, and more well-being in general. Everyone from CEOs to prisoners are benefiting. As parents, we need this kind of tool to make us less reactive.

We encourage practices that take as little as 5 minutes a day. Don't have time for that? What happens when you start is that you actually experience a TIME GAIN due to the clarity, focus, and presence that comes with the practice. For real.

It doesn't matter if you have mindfulness experience already or if you are complete newbie. If you do the work, you WILL experience powerful shifts.  

Q. I'm a working mom. What if I can't make the coaching calls? 

A. We get it and do our best to schedule the weekly drop-in calls. However, with a world-wide membership, it won't work for everyone. So every coaching call will be recorded. You don't have to worry about being on the live calls, you will be able to submit your questions ahead of time.

Q. How is this different from other mindful parenting courses?

There are other courses out there called "mindful parenting," but what I have found is that they should be called "mindfulness for parents," instead. They usually teach mindfulness to parents, which is great! However, they do not include any work on understanding your triggers, skillful communication, or creating a mindful home environment.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. I offer a 24-hour money back guarantee on your initial purchase. If you decide after 24 hours that it's not for you, we'll fully refund your purchase. For the $24 monthly membership fee, you can cancel anytime.

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