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Do you the freedom to make your own hours?

Do you have a passion for mindful, peaceful parenting?

Do you want to share research proven parenting tools with your community?

All while solving your own parenting problems?


For parents, teachers, coaches and therapists to take their own parenting skills and careers to the next level.

Mindful Parenting helps parents be their true loving selves instead of yelling...

...create cooperation through connection, not punishment...

... create effective boundaries and raise compassionate, respectful humans...  

....enjoy strong relationships for life.  

You can make this possible.

"I absolutely loved being part of the MPTT program, not only did I get to deepen my Mindful Parenting skills in an intimate group, I also got to teach this way of parenting to my community, win-win! "

— Natalie Ventura



Becoming a certified teacher of Mindful Parenting will help you change that. You will have everything you need to teach in your community and spread this movement around the world.


  • Lifetime Mindful Parenting Membership: Join over 500 families around the world. Includes courses, 114-page workbook, 36 hours of live parent coaching, and more!
  • Teacher Certification Center: includes lesson plans, study guides, and digital coursework
  • Teacher Certification Manual: complete step-by-step curriculum guide
  • Weekly Live Teacher Training Sessions: with Hunter Clarke-Fields, creator of Mindful Parenting and your select group of teacher trainees
  • One-on-one Coaching: with Hunter Clarke-Fields, creator of Mindful Parenting
  • Marketing Training: coaching on how to market your class with Cailen Ascher, business coach

"The Mindful Parenting Teacher Training course offers all you need to run a successful class, including a detailed teacher manual, online course material, a community of other teachers, 1-1 support from Hunter, practice teaching opportunities, and a class focused on business training.

Unlike some of the other training programs out there, you will finish this course feeling prepared and ready to start teaching right away! "

—Lauren Drain



Prerequisite: Do the Mindful Parenting course! When you enroll, you become a Mindful Parenting member where you go through the modules online with the support of the membership before we start meeting as a teacher training group. The membership is included in your tuition.

Part 1: Online Mindful Parenting Concepts Review. During the first portion, we review the concepts of Mindful Parenting. We refresh and remember the eight weeks of course material. Each module will be assessed so that you have a clear understanding of where you are with the material. Online, weekly, 90-minute sessions.

Part 2: Training Workshop: teaching the teacher. This intensive learning workshop will cover everything you need to know to teach the class in person. It will follow a learn-by-doing model. The workshop consists of discussion, skill-building exercises, group activities and practice teaching. This workshop is designed for those who will be teaching either on their own in their community, through an agency, private practice. Online, weekly, 90-minute sessions.

Part 3: In-Person Practicum in your community. The months following the Training Workshop are designated for teaching your practice teaching class. This can be a paid or unpaid Mindful Parenting class that you teach in your local community. You will be coached through your teaching through meetings with Hunter. At the end of the practicum, you will receive your certification.


  • Module 1: Lower Your Stress Response. We are reactive because of our innate stress response. Mindfulness is a research-proven tool to help us become less reactive so that we can choose a more thoughtful response.
  • Module 2: Disarm Your Triggers. Without awareness, we are reacting blindly/automatically. We develop awareness of our own stories and triggers that make us reactive, thereby disarming them.
  • Module 3: Compassion. Compassion helps us have more authentic, joyful, and peaceful lives with children. We cultivate compassion systematically — both for ourselves, and our children — because we cannot give what we do not have.
  • Module 4: Taking Care of Difficult Feelings. Learn specific tools to take care of your own big feelings and your child's. Instead of suppressing or exploding, you'll learn to model healthy ways of handling difficult feelings.
  • Module 5: Help Your Children Solve Their Problems. Learn specific tools to help your children solve more of their problems on their own and build a more connected relationship.
  • Module 6: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen. You may be surprised to find that the way you respond to your child triggers their resistance. Learn how to respond so that your child actually listens.
  • Module 7: Resolving Conflicts Mindfully. Learn how to get both your needs and your child's needs met without resorting to punishment, bribery, or coercion. This will change your family life forever!
  • Module 8: Supporting Your Peaceful Home. Create a home life that makes it easy to have peaceful relationships. Discover the tools that make it possible.  


Mindful Parenting teaches parents how to create calm and cooperation based on a framework of the intersection of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Skillful Communication.



"The Mindful Parenting Teacher Training exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the thorough overview of the course before having the opportunity to practice teaching. Hunter remained encouraging throughout the whole training process and the other teacher trainers offered a supportive learning environment.

I started leading my practicum as soon as my training finished and felt completely prepared to start teaching. I’m confident in my ability to lead others through the Mindful Parenting course and thoroughly enjoy sharing these teachings with my community.

My favorite part of teaching Mindful Parenting is when I see the practices that made such a big difference in my life begin to make a difference in the lives of others. It's the best!

I would absolutely recommend this training program to others. In fact, I already have! The Mindful Parenting Teacher Training course offers all you need to run a successful class, including a detailed teacher manual, online course material, a community of other teachers, 1-1 support from Hunter, practice teaching opportunities, and a class focused on business training.

Unlike some of the other training programs out there, you will finish this course feeling prepared and ready to start teaching right away!"

—Lauren Drain

"I absolutely loved being part of the MPTT program, not only did I get to deepen my Mindful Parenting skills in an intimate group, I also got to teach this way of parenting to my community, win-win! "

— Natalie Ventura

"By working through the MPTT program week after week, I was able to apply the skills to my life daily and learn how to explain the principles and skills to others in my community.

Hunter’s program is very approachable. I looked forward to the session each week and made friends that I still talk to frequently.

Hunter is very supportive and offers all of the preparation and materials that you need to continue to spread the word of mindful parenting after you complete the course. I am very happy that I took the course and I would tell anyone who is on the fence about signing up that you should definitely do it and you will not regret it."

— Erin Grey

"The Mindful Parenting Teacher Training program has been amazing! When I first began, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about whether I would feel confident enough to be able to train other parents in these skills, when I hadn't even mastered the skills myself. Hunter put me at ease immediately and made me realize that I don't have to be an expert - I just have to be a 'good enough parent'.

The group bond that we teacher trainees (and Hunter) had from the get go created an environment of warmth, acceptance, respect and admiration. Each of us has grown and learnt from one another. Being connected to other like minded parents all over the world also helps to see the bigger picture and why this program is so vital for many parents.

The way that the program is presented aligns perfectly to the Mindful Parenting Program itself. Having the opportunity to present real course content to the group was gratifying and really helped to build my confidence.

I would 100% recommend someone take part in the program - not only will they learn how to train other parents in these skills, but they will gain an even greater understanding of the core concepts underlying the program. I feel like my knowledge and confidence have increased 10 fold since completing the program."

—Nina Visic

"As the eldest child, mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother, my MPTT experience was a unique generational journey that represented the ageless relevance of Raising Good Humans as a guide for repairing and restoring ruptured relationships throughout the lifespan. Mindful Parenting is a love language all on its own."

— Kimberly Nelson

"I really enjoyed the Teacher Training course! Preparing to teach made me commit to my meditation practice even more, which has had a positive impact on my life and my parenting. It also provided me with the motivation to go deeper into some topics that were on my perpetual "to learn" list so that I could really understand the material and integrate it into my own parenting philosophy in preparation for teaching the course.

Also, I really appreciated that we always started by focusing on the positive in our "constructive criticism" sections during the practice part of the training; it helped me not to approach my areas for growth from a place of lack.

Finally, my classmates have been wonderful. Most of us continue to meet weekly for support and accountability as we prepare for our practicums.

I definitely recommend the program. What I would say to someone on the fence is to just do it. Chances are good that you will leave the experience with a greater desire to spread this style of parenting (and living) to others. But even if you decide that teaching the material isn't right for you in the long run, the growth you will likely experience in your meditation practice, confidence, and parenting skills are worth the price."

—Heidi Garcia

"The MPTT program enriched my understanding of mindful parenting, my practice of it, and my ability to teach those techniques. Hunter is a highly skilled mindful parenting coach who is warm, compassionate, and experienced. She integrates her training with her real-world experience as a parent to make the curriculum so effective.

I highly recommend the training to anyone interested in deepening their skills & teaching the course to other parents. "

— Linda Pogetti 

"I'm a licensed clinical social worker and have my own private practice where I specialize in perinatal mental health. 

The MPTT program felt really nurturing and supportive. Hunter, you were so available and real, and I just loved working with you from beginning to end.

The thing that's really beautiful is how there's form, there's guidance, there's scripted pieces, so you're not wondering, “what do I say here?” You don't have to reinvent the wheel. I's all there for us. That's part of the benefit of becoming a teacher trainee is that you get to have access to that. I think that's huge.

It's been completely life enhancing - this whole process of the teacher training."

— Darcey Fairchild, LCSW



2023-4 Fall/Winter Schedule

90-minute sessions:

Tuesdays 11am EST / 8am PST / 4pm BST

Prerequisite: Complete Mindful Parenting (Online, Self-Paced)

Now - start of session

Dates for Part 1: Online Mindful Parenting Concepts Review 

Session 1: October 17, 2023 

Session 2: October 24, 2023  

Session 3: October 31, 2023

Session 4: November 7, 2023

Session 5: November 14, 2023

*NO CLASS November 21, 2023

Session 6: November 28, 2023

Session 7: December 5, 2023

Session 8: December 12, 2023

Dates for Part 2: Practice Teaching - ONLINE

Session 1: January 2, 2024

Session 2: January 9, 2024

Session 3: January 16, 2024

Session 4: January 23, 2024 

Session 5: January 30, 2024

Session 6: February 6, 2024

Session 7: February 13, 2024

Session 8: February 20, 2024

Session 9: February 27, 2024

Session 10: March 5, 2024

Part 3: Practicum

March 2024-March 2025

Hello! I'm Hunter Clarke-Fields

For the past 20 years, I’ve successfully helped thousands of stressed-out parents to develop mindful parenting skills and create peaceful, cooperative families. I coach parents, and I’m host of the popular Mindful Mama podcast, and the author of Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids.

But I’m not perfect. When my oldest was little, my temper was triggered every day. Her screaming would push me to the limit and I'd burst. Later I'd be in a puddle of tears, wracked with guilt. As a mom, I felt like I was failing at the most important job of my life.  

Parenting books had great advice that I couldn’t implement when I was at my boiling point.  

I dug into mindfulness, which helped me chill out. But it didn’t help me find the right words to say to get through to my child — without making everything worse.  

Ultimately, this work came together because I realized that one without the other was incomplete. I needed both. The moms who I work with with needed both. Mindfulness and skillful communication are the two wings that allow us to fly.  

Q&A with Teacher Trainees:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can I teach the Mindful Parenting course online afterwards? 

A. Yes! We are going to be launching a franchising opportunity in 2023. More details to come.

Q. Where/how do you access the resources? Is there an app or is it online?

A. It is both online and on a mobile app!

Q. How long is the training? What is the time commitment? 

A. First you must do the prerequisite of the 8 module Mindful Parenting course (which take 8-12 weeks). Then, the small group training sessions will be over 18 sessions. The sessions are 90 minutes long. The practicum will be scheduled by you after that.

Q. How much can I expect to earn teaching Mindful Parenting?

A. You can teach Mindful Parenting in a variety of settings from schools and community centers to private sessions, so pricing and costs will be variable. You may even consider getting funding through grants. However, if you imagine teaching the course for a modest price of $300 per participant, you can easily earn $3000 teaching one course.

Q. What time of day are the sessions? Will I be able to fit it into my schedule?

A. Fall dates are not yet available.

Q. How many people are in the program?

It's a small group of 8 or less for maximum personal attention.

Q. What if I still yell sometimes or haven't mastered the material?

A. Part of the teacher training is learning the material more thoroughly than ever before. However, you don't have to be perfect. We live what we strive to teach: that we are allowed to be perfectly imperfect. In fact, you sharing your mistakes will humanize you for your students and help them learn.

Have more questions? Email support@mindfulmamamentor.com

2023 Winter/Spring Enrollment is OPEN

Tuition cost: $4,497 or 6 payments of $867

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I believe in getting tools, skills, and practices you need to transform your parenting and change things for the next generation. I invite you to become a Mindful Parenting Teacher today. 

With Warmth and Loving Kindness,

Hunter Clarke-Fields, Creator of Mindful Parenting